Friday, December 16, 2011

A helping hand may remind you

The other day while I was out shopping I had noticed this little old man walking to his car, he was taking really slow steps and seemed to be in pain or something. I was holding Ry, my purse, the diaper bag and pushing the stroller, was super tired and had a stomach ache myself. I thought about how no matter what I would want someone to stop and help my grandma or papa if they needed it so I strolled over to him, threw everything except for Ry in the stroller and asked him if he was ok. He had tears in his eyes and said all he wanted to do was buy sees candy for Christmas and told me it took everything he had to make it in there and out. He had fallen the other day and really hurt himself. I felt so bad for him!! I told him to stay put for just a minute, took all the stuff to my car and then Ry and I quickly returned to him. We helped him walk to his car and talked about life, he said he was so thankful that we were there, he mostly just felt lonely and we made his day by taking the time out to care for him. He enjoyed rylans smiles and felt happy after talking for a while! After I was sure he was ok we headed to our own car. It only took a small amount of our time but you could tell it was appreciated! It made my heart happy to bring a smile to this little old mans face, And Rylan seemed to think he was a pretty funny character too. This felt like a little gift, that we got to meet and chat with him. It was a gentle reminder to pay attention to my surrounding no matter how full my hands are, and be there for people when we can. I truly feel he helped me as much as may have helped him.

Once you have a baby or s child it sometimes feels as if your moving faster and some days your just making it through because of all the things on your list. This to me, served as a reminder to slow it all down. The laundry, dishes, shopping lists and all the other things will still be on my do to list tomorrow, but today I should make the most of every moment. Everyday should be about the small things in life, the things that truly make you happy. Trying not to rush through it, and remembering to really treasure each moment, and live the happiest life you can live. Because one day we will all be older with the shadows of our past looming behind us, and wishing we would've bathed in the beauty of what once was. So take your own happiness by the horns, push yourself to the fullest, be kind to strangers, share your smiles, love yourself and others, live with intention, trust with your gut, and fulfill all your dreams!

I am, my dream was to be a mommy. Every day I get to live this, and every day I'm thankful.


Happy Friday everyone!! Sorry I haven't written in this for a while.

Remember your lists will always be there! :0) work on them just enough to be productive but not so much that they are all thats present.