Friday, December 16, 2011

A helping hand may remind you

The other day while I was out shopping I had noticed this little old man walking to his car, he was taking really slow steps and seemed to be in pain or something. I was holding Ry, my purse, the diaper bag and pushing the stroller, was super tired and had a stomach ache myself. I thought about how no matter what I would want someone to stop and help my grandma or papa if they needed it so I strolled over to him, threw everything except for Ry in the stroller and asked him if he was ok. He had tears in his eyes and said all he wanted to do was buy sees candy for Christmas and told me it took everything he had to make it in there and out. He had fallen the other day and really hurt himself. I felt so bad for him!! I told him to stay put for just a minute, took all the stuff to my car and then Ry and I quickly returned to him. We helped him walk to his car and talked about life, he said he was so thankful that we were there, he mostly just felt lonely and we made his day by taking the time out to care for him. He enjoyed rylans smiles and felt happy after talking for a while! After I was sure he was ok we headed to our own car. It only took a small amount of our time but you could tell it was appreciated! It made my heart happy to bring a smile to this little old mans face, And Rylan seemed to think he was a pretty funny character too. This felt like a little gift, that we got to meet and chat with him. It was a gentle reminder to pay attention to my surrounding no matter how full my hands are, and be there for people when we can. I truly feel he helped me as much as may have helped him.

Once you have a baby or s child it sometimes feels as if your moving faster and some days your just making it through because of all the things on your list. This to me, served as a reminder to slow it all down. The laundry, dishes, shopping lists and all the other things will still be on my do to list tomorrow, but today I should make the most of every moment. Everyday should be about the small things in life, the things that truly make you happy. Trying not to rush through it, and remembering to really treasure each moment, and live the happiest life you can live. Because one day we will all be older with the shadows of our past looming behind us, and wishing we would've bathed in the beauty of what once was. So take your own happiness by the horns, push yourself to the fullest, be kind to strangers, share your smiles, love yourself and others, live with intention, trust with your gut, and fulfill all your dreams!

I am, my dream was to be a mommy. Every day I get to live this, and every day I'm thankful.


Happy Friday everyone!! Sorry I haven't written in this for a while.

Remember your lists will always be there! :0) work on them just enough to be productive but not so much that they are all thats present.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Birthday Love

Today happens to be a date shared between two woman I admire so much! Although they have never met, I am and will always be grateful they are in my life. Happy birthday to
Zarah and I at Kandee's Glaminar
Zarah Villarreal and Katy Smith. You ladies are so amazing! I have learned different things from both of you and feel like I am an overall better person because you are in my life. These woman are the type to put needs of others ahead of their own, smart beyond their years, gracious and kind. I'm completely grateful to have you both as my friend, and in different ways you are more like my sister... Z my glam sister, and Katy my twin and soul sister.
Katy and I in LA (pre babies) lol
I want to mirror the wonderful qualities you both own, Katy you are the most amazing mom, always give such great advise, somehow knowing my worries before I speak them aloud, so incredibly smart, full of so much love and you are so much fun too be around. I have loved every moment we have ever spent together and I'm looking forward to many more to come and looking forward to our little ones meeting and budding a friendship of their own one day :0)
Zarah I will be forever thankful to you that you included me in the glam sister/kandee baby shower celebration. I have met the best, most inspiring women from that weekend, one being you! I love the fact that you and Ivan give so much of yourselves to other people in need and do so in a manner that is completely honest and real, and in return all you want is to inspire others to do the same. Which I can tell you,for a fact you do, in fact because today is your birthday I am finally making a trip to the women's shelter to donate Ry's small clothes, unused formula and diapers. There's no day better then today to improve, give more, love more and that's what both of you ladies inspire people to do.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLS, I love you bunches!!
Your Trishica


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

If you know me you know I love Halloween, it's funny though because I scare really really easily, making it odd I love this holiday so much! We normally throw a huge party with all the decorations and themed food you can imagine, but until we get back into a place that has a lot of space, that gathering will be on hold. Until then we will make the most of it, and enjoy watching little Rylan learn what Halloween's all about. So on to last nights adventure, I learned it is really hard to get 3 people in costume and out the door, I'm surprised we even looked at all like vampires. I was somehow able to put my makeup and lashes on with one hand and Aaron's on while my little guy kept kicking my arm. Which made Aaron's first experience with guy-liner a very scary ordeal lol All the while Rylan was crying/fussing because his top teeth are now making their way in. I was thinking who's idea was this anyway?? To have us all matching and out the door by 7 to go surprise our family. When Aaron doesn't even get off until 6 and we prob gotta throw dinner in there somewhere too... Oh that's right it was my idea! lol Even though it was a challenge we were able to get out the door by 7:30, and I managed to leave both of my poor hubby's eyes undamaged. Although I'm pretty sure he will raise the question next year is makeup Involved?  and may quickly decide on a costume that doesn't involve any makeup and especially eyeliner lol
He is such a good sport.

Here's a few pictures of last night costumes
hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween

First stop on our surprise trick or treat mission was my grandparents! Success!

Then on to Aaron's sweetie mama's :0) We really surrprised her since Aaron is a good trickster and had her on the phone all the way until we got there, saying nope we're just at home, and no we didn't dress up lol. He's good!! lol

Then to my mom's house. They were worried we were real trick or treaters because they had so many, they were pulling things from the cabinets like friut snacks and bagged chips lol

We are scary! lol

my little Family! yay I would say our first Halloween was a success! :0)

Friday, October 21, 2011

immortalized in wax

Lisa Niemi with her late husband, Patrick Swayze
at Madame Tussaud's wax museum, Hollywood,
I must have watched dirty dancing 500,000 times. I can sing you every song, repeat every word (although I try not to do that because people tend to not wanna watch movies with you if you do that kinda thing) lol and dance out all the dances, not as well as they can but hey I still try! I wanted to be in love like Johnny and baby and wanted to find a resort like that somewhere, ohh the stairs... why don't all resorts have those stairs so we can all live out our dirty dancing moves! I wanted to end all days with a bunch of people walking towards a stage doing the same dance! I love when a group of people are doing the same choreography! There is something so powerful about that! Thank god for So you think you can dance :0) lol

Ohhh and how I would love to do a beautiful lift!! My step brother and I would try to mimic this and always fail, along with my friends, cousins and well just about anyone I could talk into trying it! lol. For the record it is both safer and easier if your in water! Probably why Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey did some work in the water. That and it was incredibly sexy with their wet clothes...well it's true! lol Anyway I loved loved and still do love this movie. Its so sad that Patrick Swayze was taken so early, he had such an amazing spirit and fought until the end. I'm glad he is being immortalized in wax and in this role. It almost brought tears to my eyes to see him standing on that log with his beautiful widow,  Lisa Niemi, in front of him. there are constant reminders to take life by the horns and LIVE! Lets all do our best to make each day a happy worthwhile day and make sure the ones you love, Know they are loved!
As for the remake of this movie....I don't know how I feel about that. I will watch it but it is going to be a hard one to redo with die hard fans like me to please. Although I do appreciate any movie with good music, good story and good dancing. So we'll see. Footloose was good remade but footloose isn't Dirty Dancing in my book :0)

Keeping my dreams to do a perfect lift alive!!!
Love you all,

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumkin patch on a whim

So what do you do when all your plans for the day fail... visit your local Pumpkin patch, we were driving after our plans fell through and saw a sign for the pumpkin farm and thought why not?? It is fall afterall and we might as well. It was such a fun day! I think my mom and I may have had even more fun then Ry lol. Not only was it free to get in, it was super cheap to do the activities too! Babies are free! I think its only a $3.00 fee to park on the weekends. They had pumpkins, a hay ride, jump house, train ride, go karts, slide/tree house, corn maze, haunted barn and petting zoo. I totally recommend this place and if you can go during the week you really have the whole place to yourself or at least it feels that way! :0) Heres some fun pictures of our day! Its always way more fun when its spontaneous!

the haunted barn! This made me realize I am not going to the real haunted houses! Kinda creepy in there and everythings behind a fence lol

Ry loved this the most

we were laughing so hard,my moms like I'm not gonna make it, i'm stuck lol Shes made it no prob! lol

I flew down this thing, my mom and Ry were waiting at the bottom and Ry laughed so hard when I popped out lol

Soooo Adorable!
We had so much fun and made some memories.
Hope everyone is enjoying this time of year as much as we are! Lots of love and pumpkins 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dreams of LA

Ok so I really wanna go to beauty social but I'm not sure I will be able to attend this year! :0( Ohh well! It's my baby brother Nicks 21st birthday on the 22nd and my sister Mariah's sweet 16 on the 23rd! I can't believe how time flys! I'm so excited that I get to be in charge of Mariah's sweet 16 day!! I have the best day planned for her! Yay!! I'm so excited! I still need to pick up a few things to make it perfect but it's going be great! Do you remember what you did for your sweet 16? I didn't have much of a celebration, I think I went to work or something lol.. I already had my own bills and apartment by then. I'm so glad Mariah isn't in such a hurry to be an adult we get such little time to be kids/ teenagers, there really isn't any reason to rush life! I hope when she looks back she remembers her 16th birthday as sweet :0) off and planning this important day!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How time sure does fly by

I can't believe it's already October! It makes it hard to get in the spirit of fall when you get all dressed in your cozy fall clothes then walk out into a heat wave lol. I'm looking forward to it cooling down. We have managed to keep seriously busy though! I'm excited to have a fancy phone now, so that on those busy days when we're out and about into the evening I still may be able to get to the blog! We are having tons of fun doing mommy and me yoga twice a week, Gymboree glasses, kindermusic classes and having lunch w grandmas and daddy. On the weekends we've been even busier going to pumpkin patches, and well just about saying yes to anything were invited to. Lol we may need to slow down a bit, it's a sign were doing too much when every time we sit down to watch tv we fall asleep, well Aaron does lol... I just want too! Lol oh well. We're living life and loving every moment! Ok well that was just a ramble post.. More interesting things to be written about soon

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ninja baby

What do you get when you are a ninja? That's right you get a ninja baby!!!
I am constantly grooming my sweet little man, some of the things I do he doesn't particularly like for example, he hates when I clean under his neck, but we gotta do it! Today while I was trying to get an eyelash off  his cheek he decided, he has had enough!!
He grabbed my hair with his toes in a ninja death grip and kinda held me in a head lock under his legs, which are soooo strong!! I'm like whoa! He thought it was hilarious, and started laughing! When I finally broke free I was like Holy Moly I better be more prepared, especially since his moves are becoming more advanced. They started out little pocks to the eye or jabs now they are full on combo moves. lol.

Good times!!

Does it mean I still won if I got the eyelash off?

Hears to all our little babies growing so strong and to all the ninjas of the world! :0)
Your Trishica

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Everyday angels

Sometimes just simple things we do for one another can really change our day. Just a smile or saying hello, asking someone how they are doing, giving a hug or a helping hand can make someone's day. Not to mention can totally bring joy to your own heart. Yesterday I went to visit a long time friend, who started out patient at the doctors office I used to work at. This patient (friend) is an 88 year old woman who everyone in the office used to dread. She started out ornery, loud and negative and was very hard to please. I was lucky enough to have her fall into my lap. I would sit with her and listen to her tell stories, at first she would tell me how everything was horrible, and she hated pretty much every thing in her life. It was easy to love her because I pretty much love every old person because I adore my grandparents soooo much (not that they are old) lol. I'm not name calling, promise. Anyway, I would take her hand in mine and tell her that I cared for her and the things that were going on in her life. it was only a matter of time before her stories started to change, she was coming in with a much better attitude and instead of complaining loudly in the lobby she would tell everyone how great everyone was and how awesome the office is. It was a wonderful change. We started to look forward to her visits instead of dread them, especially me, I loved feeling like I was truly making someone happy. I think to often in life we neglect our elderly and forget about them. These people are so special, deserve respect and attention. Many of which have been through incredible journeys, wars, loss of loved ones and much more life experience.
Rylan and I walked through the hallway to go surprise this dear friend and I felt an ache in my heart, I wondered how many visitors these people got and wondered about each of thier lives and what their stories were. I pray they do have many people to show them love and that they continue to be our everyday angels. Although we missed seeing my friend, we got to visit with many of the other little ladies. You could see the pure joy they got from Rylan and I, and all we did was just take a quick moment to say hello, wish them a happy day and share smiles. Of course it helps to have such a handsome baby to share with the world, but it was a simple way to share happiness. My heart felt full, it reminds me to stay humble, stay kind and to slow down a bit, make sure not to get to caught up in my own thoughts but to look up out into the world and find moments like these.
Then today when my mom and I were at lunch, this elderly couple was sitting behind us and because Rylan was being fussy I apologized to them. The man said "no need to apologize dear he's a gift from god and so are his cries, you have waited for him a long time, it's your time now and he is perfect!" I was totally taken back. Then he blew us a kiss and left the resturant. My mom and I were like wow, it's like he knew my story!! Such an amazing moment to share with a stranger. Thanks for reading this! I hope you are all having a happy day too

Monday, August 22, 2011

My my how things do change

My days are full of poops, being peed on, spit up, drool, dirty laundry, squeals and thrills and I couldn't love it anymore :0) I love being a mom and find so much joy in the little things. I can't think of anything more special then waking up to a beautiful smiling face. It is so wonderful to see this face, and the many smiles that come from him.

Although it's a lot of work, it is truly the most rewarding experience I have ever been lucky enough to do. I love staying home with my little man. At first it took some adjusting because my life before being a mom was full of running around, shopping for clothes, shoes and makeup getting hair and nails done, going out dancing, working a
9-5, I would leave the house in the morning and wouldn't get home until late in the evening. Nowadays I rarely leave the house at all. lol I do my own hair, I don't get my nails done, and any extra money I have I spend it on my sweet baby. It isn't really a sacrifice these things come without any second thought and with the realization that many of things I thought were so important before really weren't. Some days do come with some struggle and especially lately with his teething process in full swing. My patience is tested but then I hold him against me and his crys settle, or I sing to him and he smiles, or I tell him I love him and he coos and it totally melts me and I have to ask myself is this really my life? Am I really this blessed? I can't believe I have this sweet little baby and a husband who always holds my best interest at heart, who supports his family completely and allows me to live my dreams out loud! Its a miracle and I won't forget how special it is. I hope no matter what it is that brings each one of you happiness you find it and each day is fulfilling.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Beauty Favs!

These are just a few of my favorite beauty items! I hope you enjoy! This blog took me a while, since I'm holding little Rylan and typing with one hand. lol
Urban Decays 15 yr anniversary set. Gorgeous! I haven't actually used this, since I just got it today, but I know I will love it

Sebastian hair products! They smell amazing and work amazing. What more do we want for our hair?

Yes I fell victim to an infomercial one night when I was pregnant and up late. lol I'm glad I did though! I just love these products from
Meaningful Beauty, I mean who doesn't wanna look like Cindy Crawford. lol. Seriously though I love them, and they have the best customer service people Ever! You can customize your kit and have it sent as often as you wish! love it!

My whole fam, including the men and all have stretch marks so being I already have some just knew when I got pregnant I was doomed!! I used these as a combo defense the entire time I was pregnant and didn't get any stretch marks until the week I was due :0( being I was 2 weeks overdue I think I got too huge and no product would have saved me but I truly believe they would have been so much worse without these awesome products from mama mio. Tummy Rub and Oil

All Urban Decay products; front Urban Decay setting spray I love this stuff! if you need your makeup to stay in place all night or day lol use this, behind that the Naked palette, I use this palette nearly everyday It is so awesome and even has a perfect brow color for blonde's or redheads in it with the colors naked or buck. The rest are beautiful shimmers. Then the Vegan palette thanks Kandee...and finally the Alice in Wonderland palette which I'm not sure you can get anymore. Here's a link to Urban Decay :0)

I love this Victoria Secret airbrush fx PRO Primer,it is a silicone-based gel-cream  really feels like you are putting a layer of silk on your face. It also has SPF 20 in it, which you don't necessarily need if your foundation has it already but if not then there you go.
ohhh its so good and only $18.00. I've heard it's hard to get but I just purchased mine right from

Obviously I love this stuff and need to purchase another very soon. lol. This is YOU REBEL by Benefit, Its in Med, they have one in Fair also. I love this tinted moisturizer w SPF in it. It contains antioxidants, aloe Vera, and allantoin for soft, supple skin all year long. I use it everyday. It goes on so smooth and lightweight. I tend to have dry skin and this really works for me. Trust me I have tried so many too, but I don't like to feel my foundation, especially in the summer.

My favorite cheek enhancers! Top left: MAC iridescent Belightful (beautiful highlight color), Maybelline-WF098-mocha velvet I love this color as a contour, The pink and purple are both from Kryolan (super pigmented) the pink is Dry Rouge in Trockenrouge, the purple is actually eye shadow color in Matt Paradise. I know you might be thinking purple on cheeks but I love it if used lightly, we dont wanna look to 80s. lol Then Mud in color glow

Well everyone needs to tweeze, right! So I say why not tweeze with the cutest tweezers you can find? I think I found these at forever 21.

Not pictured is these amazing poducts from this gal I met at the street fair in Roseville,
my favorites are the healing Salve called Calendula salve and the sugar scrubs in pink sugar and lavendar orange! Hers her website although she has a ton more products then are shown there. Not only do all her products smell and work so well but she makes them by hand and was so sweet with the best postive attitude! :0)
If you wanna know more about what she may have her email is

Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm finally connected again

Hallelujah! I finally have a working computer again. Thank goodness I'm married to a computer doctor. I felt so lost without any Internet, I seriously didn't realize just how much I used my computer until it was gone. I learned a valuable lesson, and that is... while it is good to multitask, some things should not be done together. For example do not eat cereal while you have boxes everywhere, while trying to upload pictures. You may end up dumping your entire bowl of cereal into the laptop. I'm just saying... lol. So yay I can finally pay bills, write in my blog, quickly check on anything that may need checking on, get phone numbers and upload pictures again. I'm soooo happy!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Hubbys birthday

Today is my hubby's 35th birthday! Most of you who know me already know what an amazing man he is. He is the most hard working, loyal, dedicated person I know. The first person to tell you the truth when you need to hear it, but who will support you with a kind word to follow. He is funny, incredibly smart and wonderful in all the ways that really matter. He has always made me feel like I can do anything, always supports and believes in my dreams no matter how big or how small. Now we have this amazing little man who we get to raise together and it makes me so happy to know by watching his dad, Rylan will grow to respect people, love them without judgement and that no matter what he has his daddy in his corner. Such an awesome thing for a little boy to know. We love you so much Aaron! I hope this birthday comes with lots of happiness because you deserve every bit of it! Looking forward to the yardhouse tonight! Happy Birthday babe! xoxo

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Life is good

It is so important that we remember to take each day as a gift. When you wake up and you don't wanna face the day remember you are loved and were given the awesome opportunity to share your talents and spread cheer wherever you go. You just have to make the choice to do this. I've been so overwhelmed with so many new challenges and now we are moving and it has been a huge job to get this house packed and organized in such a short time. I don't always have the energy and sometimes I really just want to sit down and relax for a minute but I keep pushing forward to accomplish what must be done. The long list is slowly but surely being completed and I'm so glad. I'm sure there are many of you faced with a long list of to dos and may be feeling overwhelmed. Just know I'm in the same boat and cheering you on as you work toward your goals. My little man brings me the most joy, more then I could have ever imagined...find your happiness and hold it tight, we are all capable of anything we set our minds to.

Friday, June 17, 2011

New adventures

I've been meaning to write on here more but my life has mostly been about changing diapers, feedings all day and night and hanging at home with my babies. I think its exciting, new and great to do these things but am not sure how much fun it is to read about! I will try to make more of an effort to get more blogs written though. Especially since Aaron has been proudly telling people his wife is a I probably need to write more then one a month.

Just some of the family

He brings me so much joy with all these smiles

One extra exciting thing for me though is we have had lots of visitors. It is fun to see everyone and share our sweet little one with people we love.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

3x5 Folded Card

Happy Baby Boy Thank You 3x5 folded card
Shop custom Thank you cards and notes at
View the entire collection of cards.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our birthing story

We are overjoyed our little Rylan James is finally here! Man its a lot of work but totally worth it! I think it's even harder when your a breast feeding mom, and when you have a big baby boy who wants to eat non stop. I literally get like 15 min breaks in between feedings most days, except when he sleeps. In fact I have learned that I may be a Milk making machine. It will be helpful when the doctor lets us introduce other things like rice cereal to have fill this little guys belly, until then I'm doing my best to keep little man content! One things for sure he is one healthy boy!

So Friday, two days after my due date I started having contractions so Aaron and I went into the hospital. They weren't very strong yet but since they were 3-5 minutes apart and for about a minute long and lasted for 5 hours we thought we should be checked, when we got there, the lady in front of us checking in was clearly in more pain than me so I turned to Aaron and said ohhhh man double crap! 1 because I clearly wasn't there quite yet and 2 I'm going to be in a lot of pain really soon! We just didn't know how much at that point! So we were checked and monitored for a while. I was effaced to 60% but only dilated to 1, but contractions were consistent. They ended up sending us home. We went back again when they kept getting stronger, this time they gave me morphine so I could sleep and they could monitor me. I woke up only to be told nothing had progressed and they were sending us home! I was feeling totally discouraged and exhausted. The following day I didn't have much activity so Aaron and I got out and walked over a mile. The next day I had some pain but not enough consistency, Sunday night they came on strong, I was in labor for sure! The contractions were every 3 mins and the blinding, can't walk, talk only breath through them type. We made the long drive to the hospital and arrived only to get the same results. I couldn't believe they were sending us home and I was scared how much more pain I could handle. We went back 2 more times that day. It was so frustrating they wouldn't keep us, even the nurses were feeling so bad to continue to send us home when it was clear I was in pain, and in labor just not dilated. When we made it back to my moms house I was in so much pain the contractions were coming every 2 mins, I was trying to focus on breathing and trying to sustain as long as I could because I didn't want to go back to the hospital only to have them send me home. I could only take it for an hour before I told Aaron we had to go back, and this time my plan was to beg them to let me stay, when the nurse checked me I was having contractions every 40 secs, and effaced 90% but still only dilated to 2. She said most people would be about to give birth at this point and she felt so bad! She went and called the doctor and came back with the request that I walk around, I was like are you kidding. She said she already knew that wasn't going to be a possibility and told the doctor so. I could see it on her face that they were about to try to send us home again but then my water finally broke! A ticket to stay!! Thank god! I was so relieved they would finally keep us I burst into tears, and the nurse practically did too. I got emitted and got an epidural and was finally relieved of the pain I had for days! After 8 hours of labor the epidural started to wear off and the nurses were becoming concerned because I seemed to have stopped progressing again and was dilated to only 7 for hours, and baby's head was right there. They ended up rushing me in to do a c section. Finally at 5:58pm Rylan was here! weighing 9lbs, 10ozs and was 21 3/4in long! He was beautiful and Aaron and I were ecstatic. We are parents and it was worth ever bit of pain. I'm so glad to be at home now with My wonderful husband and sweet baby. We are slowly but surely adjusting and I know as time goes on things will become easier. We are trying not to forget everything we went through to get him here, and try to really cherish every moment even the poopy, crying not so easy moments!
Thanks for all being so supportive, were looking forward to when we can return into the world again, lol, but for now were at home trying to figure this parenting thing out.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Note of thanks :0)

I feel so thankful as we are in the last few days of this pregnancy, well overdue actually. I never thought I would experience this and it has truly been so wonderful. I have loved every kick and movement I have felt within my belly. Even through the harder times, nausea and swelling, aches and pains I have loved being pregnant! All the emotions of knowing Aaron and I are going to be parents and sharing all the fun and sometimes not so fun details with everyone.
Aaron and I were driving home last night and with each mild contraction that rolled in we were struck with this overwhelming gratitude that We get to be parents too!! We never ever thought this would happen and now we are almost there. I can barely see to type through my tears of joy! Just thinking about raising a little person with someone I admire so much makes me feel happier than I ever thought possible! We are also very thankful for all the love and support that has been so easily poured on to us by each of of our friends and family. We love every single one of you and can't wait to share our little man with you. He is already so loved and will no doubt feel that love coming from every direction and that is just the most amazing thing we can give to him! :0)
Since I have been having contractions for over 24 hours now I really think we are finally in the home stretch and will be meeting our beautiful Rylan very soon. It would sure make the most magical mothers day for me, our moms and my grandma if he chooses that day! :0) We shall see.
Thank you to everyone for being there for us!
Thank you for all the prayers and positive energy your sending!
We appreciate every bit of it.

Now we are off and moving... We are going to walk a bunch and dance and get this baby moving in the right direction! We can't wait to meet him
Love you all
Trish and Aaron

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Optimist's creed

This is for each one of you that feels you need inspiratioon today or anyday! We are always in need for words that are kind and good. Feeling our hearts with joy! I know reading this helps me. Have a great day my beautiful friends and family :0)
 I Promise myself.....
To be so strong that nothing can distrub my peace of mind.

To talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person I meet.

To make all my friends feel like there is something worthwhile in them.

To look at the sunny side of everything and make optimism come true.

To think only the best, to work for only the best, and to expect only the best.

To be just as enthusiastic about success of others as I am about my own.

I also promise myself.....

To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future.

To wear a cheerful expression at all times and give a smile to every living creature I meet.

To give so much time to improving myself that I have no time to critize others.

To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.

To think well of myself and to proclaim this fact to the world, not in loud words, but in great deeds.

To live in faith that the whole world is on my side, so long as I am true to the best that is in me.

Christian D. Larson (1874-1954)

I feel strength in these words and the will to make it all possible on a daily basis and hope that each one of you find these words have uplifted you too! We are all in charge of our self, and we each hold the power within us to be whatever it is we choose to be! Lets start with Optimism.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

11 years!!!!

Even though our anniversary isn't until tomorrow,  everyday is a perfect day for showing your love and saying you care sooooo much. I feel so lucky that I've been able to share the last 11 years with the most incredible man I have ever met! Every single day feels like a blessing and every minute I get to spend with him feels like a dream. I wish we had more time in a day! He is my best friend and my soul mate and my one true love. He continues to make me smile and laugh and somehow manages to make me feel like the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world! Along with that does sweet things all the time for our loved ones, friends, coworkers and everyone he meets. His selflessness is one of a kind. he would give all of himself to make others happy all the while maintaining his own happiness. To me he is the most handsome, kind, smart, loving loyal, funny husband in the world. That is why I treasure every bit of him, tell him continually that he is wonderful and ohhh so loved and make sure every day he is showered with tons of loving kisses. This year is extra special for us as we enter into parenthood. I can't wait to enter into this new phase with someone I admire and trust and love so much! Every year I don't think it's going to be possible, but I do love that sweet hubby of mine even more then EVER! Sharing a relationship with him is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Our first photoshoot in 1999 :0)

Our wedding day April 8, 2000 :0)

2010 Always in Love

Us now with Baby Rylan on the way! Anyday now he will make us a trio ;0)
I love you Aaron!!! Happy 11 years together and many more :0)

I hope everyone gets to find a love like this in their lifetime!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Baby update

I decided to change doctors and just saw my new doctor today and she was just so wonderful. She is bubbly and full of information and even though I still waited an hour to see her she made it worth the wait! I'm so glad I went with my instincts to switch, the doctor I had before wasn't bad at all, I just felt our visits lacked something and I couldn't put my finger on it.

 So I was told we are right on track. Our Little man is about 4 pounds now and growing like crazy! I told her he moves non stop and she says well then you must be making him a good Home then :0) That made me smile and even though sometimes the movements he makes now are so big, they're uncomfortable, I still welcome them. I still can't believe we actually have a little miracle happening right now as I type. It is the best feeling in the world to know I will soon be a mommie and as everything grows closer Aaron and I are becoming more and more excited and grateful with every passing day!

We recently had our shower and felt so overwhelmed with the amount of love and gifts given to us for our sweet baby. When we got home we had the best time looking at everything again and I loved reading every card again and the sweet words people had to say. It was such a wonderful day. I wish we could have invited everyone we know, but we already invited around 60 people and the place we rented did have a maximum. lol. :0) This baby doesn't know it yet but he is being showered with so much love coming from everywhere. Its just awesome.

Then last weekend and over the last few days we were able to complete his baby room, and thats where I sit now, feeling inspired and happy and wanting to share this with you. It is soooo cute in here with decals of little safari animals playing sports, his beautiful furniture, the cutest smallest clothes hanging in the closet and adorable homemade blankets made with love from people we adore. It feels real now sitting in the rocker I will use to rock him and feed him. So excited! I feel like it's Christmas with the warm fuzzies you get. :0)

Sweet little room for a sweet little boy

Thanks for reading and sharing in our excitement.

more sweet baby things

Little hutch

Loads of baby love and warmth in our hearts
Mommie and Daddy Robertson to be

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Send positive energy out

I feel like all of a sudden there is so much negativity swirling around out there. A friend of mine has even been verbally attacked and even sent death wishes and all for no reason. I have such a hard time understanding where all the negativity comes from and the reason behind it. How could anyone put out so much hate??
Even in my own life, there has been unexpected drama, coming from a place that is even more unexpected. It is so much easier and more fulfilling to send love out into the world. I wish all the people that are so full of negativity and hate as much love as they can hold, they really need this to be sent to them. People that lash out and act poorly towards people need even more love then people that are happy. I truly believe that what you put out you receive back in return. You live life being real, being nice and always having the best in mind for everyone and you will soon realize that people generally share those same feelings back with you.

There are times when you are trying your best to be kind and helpful and still you get pulled into some negative trap. You have the very best intentions but are still being accused of the opposite.
This can be very frustrating and saddening to say the least.
We can't let any negativity pull us down!! We must keep striving for better and moving forward, let Go of all the feelings that hold you back from being the best person you can be! Let them float away and fill yourself up with love and light!
This is all you can do, unfortunately you have no way to change people, You are only in charge of You! You are in charge of how you feel & react.
If you live a positive happy life and project those feelings then you will receive these same feelings back. When you encounter someone that is in such a dark place and you can't reach them, you have to leave them to learn there own lesson and keep sending as much love their way that's possible but try your best not to allow their darkness to enter your heart! Life is not perfect and things can become misinterpreted at times, if this happens try to regain focus and try a different approach.
If it still results in a negative response you may be forced to move on in order to keep your focus where it should remain. When you really believe in something stick to your guns and always stay true to yourself.

I will always have your back and promise to be a shining light in your life.

My saddened and heavy heart already feels better if I know I was able to improve happiness in other peoples life's, and bring a smile to someones face

Letting go of it....


Friday, March 4, 2011

Fear and letting go

Fear is a funny thing. I think it keeps us motivated in some ways by pushing us through certain obstacles, but it can also hold you back. Sometimes we do things just to feel that fear, like sky diving or roller coasters. Its like an adrenaline rush and then the feeling you get once you accomplish something you were scared of feels very fulfilling. There are plenty of things I'm afraid of like I love to sing, I mean really love it and most people that I feel comfortable with tell me I'm really good. When it comes to singing in front of a big crowd or even a small one depending who the people are, I tend to freeze up. I have asked myself why is that so many times, or have left knowing I could have done better and really impressed but didn't because I let the fear within me win. It's a battle and I strive to push through it. I want to use fear to do better and not let it hold me back. I'm certainly not saying I'm going to start openly singing in front of large crowds tomorrow, I'm not sure I even want to. What I do want,  is to never hold back when it comes to things that really matter. It's going to be a long road because the reason we feel fear is sometimes deeper then you realize. Did someone hold you back, were they negative in your life and during impressionable times did they discourage you? I'm sure we have all had moments like this in various different times in our lives. Let these things that are not so good leave your heart, learn from all the mistakes you make, and dig deeper within to find the lesson. If you do this then nothing comes with regret because a lesson was learned and that's what we are here to do, learn, grow and give the most of ourselves to ourselves and the ones we love. Next time you will know better and do better and this comes with great reward. I'm here to tell you now that you are wonderful and the potential that you have within yourself is greater then any hurtful words someone may have spoken. It is a hard thing to do to turn away from negative people in your life but sometimes more then necessary. You're not giving up on them they are just in a different space then you and you deserve to feel happy and be around happy people. I've had to do this many times and now everywhere I turn I have nothing but positive energy swirling around me and people that really lift me up and help guide me and in return I hope to do the same for everyone that turns to me. This is a wonderful world full of possibility and anything you set your mind and heart on you can see come to life. I'm so excited I get to be a mom soon and will have the opportunity to really encourage Rylan to live life to the fullest, that everyday is a gift and that we are capable of doing anything as long as your heart and passion are in the right place. So let go of fear within yourself, instead be pushed by love and security. You can achieve anything if you believe you can! I believe you can! This little song is for you to know you are not alone, I will always be here for you and wish you nothing but the best...always.

play me:

I hope you all have a good weekend! I'm excited about mine, our baby shower is tomorrow! yay!!

Hoping to fill your hearts with happiness as you read all my blog entries,  :0)


I didn't have a picture looking fearful so I added this one where I'm smiling at you instead! :0)

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I'm so lucky to spend everyday with my best friend, hubby and the love of my life. Every moment we have together is so special. We had the most relaxing time in Clearlake, Ca. Our plan was to go there and not do much of anything and we soon found out this was a very small town and our plans of "doing nothing" would be easy to accomplish. :0) We spent time golfing, enjoying the sun, feeding the ducks, visiting all the local restaurant's and watching movies. It was awesome just being together. We had the most romantic valentines day in the little tiny restaurant called Park Place. The food and atmosphere was awesome. When we drove past it during the day we both were completely unsure because on the outside its not much to look at! That's why you really shouldn't judge a book by its cover. It was a little hidden treasure and we really enjoyed ourselves. We talked about what it will be like to be parents and how things are going to change and we both feel so excited for what's to come. There is definitely not another single soul in this world who I am meant to be with and as soon as I think my love for this man can't grow it does by leaps and bounds!~ Sometimes it's with just a simple smile or something goofy he says or does. I could really go on and on with this so I will stop myself here. Take it from us a Babymoon is totally worth it! Go! Get a little get away in... before baby comes to really connect and take time out just for yourself. It was so much fun. If you already have a little one or little ones maybe let the grandparents babysit for the weekend and get away! It will be worth it to come back refreshed and ready to take on all the daily tasks. :0)
Have a happy day.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Music has always been something that is near to my heart! My first memory of it was when I was super little my papa would play all these songs and I would listen to him and think One day he is going to be famous!!! lol Now he would tell you that was never in the cards for him and that he's just a average guy humming along, but to me he is famous!! This could be because, other then my husband there is no other man I love more in this whole world! I loved singing along with my papa and learning all the songs he loved, I'm pretty sure we were even listening to some of these old classics on my papas old 8 track lol. Now I was born in 1980 to clarify things ;0) Anyway, I was thinking how when I hear a song it takes you right back to a certain moment, maybe one you may not have remembered otherwise and that is just a special gift! One only you and that song and maybe another person share. I still love singing some of the oldies my papa loves...Chantilly Lace, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, Blueberry Hill, Rockin Robin, Twist and shout, Runaround Sue....Omg So many I could never name them all. It used to be so fun when I would sing along with these songs and people would be shocked I knew all the words, at like 5 years old! :0) I love the feeling you get when you hear a certain song, sometimes its inspiration, sometimes peace, happiness, sadness any emotion can really be brought to the surface! I just got a text message from one of my very best friends in the whole world yesterday, and it had the song Count on me by Bruno Mars playing, That's it just the song, no message but really it was such a special message! I looked up the words and was so touched.

If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea
I'll sail the world to find you
If you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can't see
I'll be the light to guide you

You can count on me like one, two, three
I'll be there and I know when I need it
I can count on you like four, three, two
And you'll be there 'cause that's what friends
Are supposed to do

Me and My papa :0)

I thought about over the years how many songs have touched my heart and what a big part music plays in my daily life! I love pretending I'm the best singer, dancer and overall top performer, and I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by friends and family and my wonderful Husband who make me feel this way everyday! I can't wait to show our little guy that even something that's as simple as a song, something we might normally take for granted you can find appreciation in! I can't wait to watch my papa share all the songs he loves with our son. Just thinking about moments like that make me smile and almost bring tears to my eyes.

Music in our hearts and movement at our feet.....

Brad Paisley Anything like me   This song has such a special place in our hearts already!