Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ry is growing so fast

I'm in love with being a mom!! It's the best gig and I have the best baby! He is so happy all the time, loves laughing, loves talking his baby talk, playing, singing being sung to, dancing and being sooooo busy! This boy is into everything! It's so fun though, I can see his mind just flowing with thoughts, some I wish he wouldn't have because they seem dangerous lol. He keeps me on my toes And there's never a dull moment! Yesterday when we were shopping I was like Ry these shoes are $8 eight, eight eight and he was like eight, eight eight I'm like holy cow did you just say eight and he confirms "eight" lol its moments like these that are so special. *random fact 8 is my favorite number ;0) then the moments he falls asleep in my arms and smiles when he sees me, and so many other moments!! It's so awesome! Then today he took a step he completely let go and walked one step! I was like ohhh man time is flying by way to fast! I'm thankful for every minute and so grateful to my hubby so I get every minute with him! It's wonderful!!!

Feeling like the happiest little mama that ever lived

So many things swirling around my head

No not literally!! Lol not like a sworm of flies or anything just a want and need to write more frequently. So why don't I? You may be wondering well Im not sure people find what I write interesting. Now that's not me fishing for compliments or anything it's just a sincere feeling. I love writing though and so I will continue to Do so and in turn hope that this blog eventually becomes more popular and with popularity, I will become more diligent and with that more space inside my Mind free because if I don't write it out sometimes it fills up too much space and I forget to do things! Lol this is the kind of thing I tell my husband when I "forget" where the iron is! Lol. So what kind of thing do you find interesting to read about?? I would love to know and I would love to hear your comments! I love making people laugh, I live for it, I love writing about daily things such as Ry, what I might have done that day, beauty tips and products and just about anything else that pops into my mind so just feel free to suggest anything because I wanna hear it!!

Hope this finds you all happy!

With a tiny bit of space free in my mind and gratitude there are no flies around...

Your Trishica