Sunday, December 12, 2010

glaminar excitement

All my Glam sisters that I love and admire.

Kandee and I at her last LA Glaminar! Showing our baby love.

Kandee looking so excited and happy that I got her a onesie

 Kandees beautiful mama, Shannon So blessed I got to have the longest conversation with her and really connect. Very special.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Me reading some of my favorite makeup books
Love my sweet fuzzy baby! Jewelsey Bear
One of mny beautiful brides... before

One of my beautiful brides.. after
 Love her and working with her was just wonderful

Makeup is just a way to bring your inner beauty out

I have loved makeup since I was a kid! I first remember coming into contact with it when I was going through all the awesome exciting stuff on my grandmas dresser. She has always worn the brightest coral lipstick you have ever seen. lol I have tried since learning about makeup to sway her to maybe just a different shade of bright but she loves the coral. In high school I would love to bring anyone over that would allow and do make overs. I used any and all money to buy all types of makeup and stocked up drawers full so I would be ready to give make overs. Then my life got serious and I moved out on my own when I was 14, I felt I needed a "real" job, so I started working and lost all passion for work, but I needed to pay the bills and didn't think I had any other choice. Having so much responsibility weighed heavily but I was  bound and determined to take care of myself, and my own bills. Which I did with success! Now that I have a wonderful husband that supports me in every way possible he has really been pushing me to find that passion again! So, a couple years ago I decided I would go back to school and decided on Federico's Beauty for Esthetics's! Not only did I find passion again I made the best girlfriends in the world! I felt for the first time in a long time I was doing something that really made me happy and felt like I had really accomplished something on my own. It was awesome. Now a few years have gone by and I haven't done anything with my license. I started to re-evaluate what it was that I loved and I remembered how much I loved makeup. I started watching youtube videos and came across Kandee Johnson, who was the sweetest most encouraging person i have ever seen. I decided to attend one of her Glaminars and used every last dime to make it to Pasadena to see her! It was wonderful and the girls at that glaminar were all like me, happy, motivated, hungry for finding that passion, sweet and fun. (if I don't mind saying so myself) :0) I couldn't wait to get home and start everything! I started buying tons of stuff for my kit, planning how I would do everything and was ready to go! I did a couple of weddings and planned on doing some other beautiful faces for my portfolio. Since then though, somehow I still feel reserved and scared to give up the job I don't love but brings in consistent money. Somehow I need to let that go, especially now that we have a little one coming! I want them to see that mommy isn't scared to follow her dreams because I want them to follow theirs!!! So in the next few months I'm  going to start re focusing. I wanna build a website, and start doing business type of things, so after the baby is here I can really go for it! I wanna be the best makeup artist I can be! I know I have it in me! I need to leave all fear behind and really push forward! wish me luck!
excited and wonderful dreams ahead....

Saturday, September 18, 2010

happy news

Well since I'm not sure anyone is really reading this.... I am going to use this time to announce something very exciting! Since it is still at a time where we can't tell many people... We are expecting our first child! Ahhh I said it! Although we have only told close friends and family, it feels good to just put it out there into world per se. A little background on us, Aaron and I have been married for 10 years and together even a little longer then that! He truly is my very best friend and I am his! I feel lucky everyday I get to share my life with him. He is the most wonderful, caring, giving, loyal, handsome (this list could get ridiculous so we'll stop there) man I have ever met. We are still young, me being only 23 with 7 yrs experience  lol and him being 34. We have tried for years to conceive and have never been able to "make it happen", and since we have been together so long our parents were getting really impatient! Needless to say we have had many years of just having fun, doing what we what when we want and going on fun trips... so we said yep we need to put a stop to that madness! lol No we really want to bring a child into this world that is sooo loved from the very start, teach them to be kind to others and watch them find their own happiness in this world. I can't wait to meet this little person! So in the beginning of August we set out to try the big guns, IVF, we tried other rounds of fertility that were unsuccessful and decided to give this a try. Since our insurance would help pay for either two more attempts of IUI (artificial insemination) or a portion of IVF, we decided it was worth it to really try!! It worked! So now we are at 8 weeks and counting, doing daily shots of progesterone and estrogen, and other meds, praying daily and being so extremely happy! :0)

Friday, September 17, 2010


I swear I am seriously addicted to the TLC channel, I love it, and all the shows on it. Is it something I should be worried about? I can watch this channel for hours straight. lol I hope it will prove to be somewhat helpful in the future. Like maybe I will be able to say oh yeah I know how to pick the perfect wedding dress or create the most awesome cakes you ever did see, how to bring a baby home and what to expect if a baby's on the way so you don't end up in the hospital with cramps to only find out holy cow you're pregnant. I have never been a couch potatoe, but due to my recent doctors orders I am stuck here, feeling the most unproductive I have ever felt. I am a generally active person, actually thats putting it lightly! All my life I have been one of those people that constantly wants to do everything, to the point that I schedule two things with two different people at the same time! That truly was a problem!! I would have to call one and talk them into joining the other or reschedule which I hate to do. If I could I would be busy all the time. So now that I have to rest all day, stay home and do nothing it's kinda hard, going against every grain in my body but thats why I am thankful for these interesting shows lol

am I a blogger now

This is my first attempt at being a blogger, I'm inspired by all the other bloggers out there and thought yeah sure I can do this too.. It's just writing about things that come to mind right? I hope to be as funny, informative, inspiring or just plain entertaining even if it's in the smallest way.