Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ry is growing so fast

I'm in love with being a mom!! It's the best gig and I have the best baby! He is so happy all the time, loves laughing, loves talking his baby talk, playing, singing being sung to, dancing and being sooooo busy! This boy is into everything! It's so fun though, I can see his mind just flowing with thoughts, some I wish he wouldn't have because they seem dangerous lol. He keeps me on my toes And there's never a dull moment! Yesterday when we were shopping I was like Ry these shoes are $8 eight, eight eight and he was like eight, eight eight I'm like holy cow did you just say eight and he confirms "eight" lol its moments like these that are so special. *random fact 8 is my favorite number ;0) then the moments he falls asleep in my arms and smiles when he sees me, and so many other moments!! It's so awesome! Then today he took a step he completely let go and walked one step! I was like ohhh man time is flying by way to fast! I'm thankful for every minute and so grateful to my hubby so I get every minute with him! It's wonderful!!!

Feeling like the happiest little mama that ever lived

So many things swirling around my head

No not literally!! Lol not like a sworm of flies or anything just a want and need to write more frequently. So why don't I? You may be wondering well Im not sure people find what I write interesting. Now that's not me fishing for compliments or anything it's just a sincere feeling. I love writing though and so I will continue to Do so and in turn hope that this blog eventually becomes more popular and with popularity, I will become more diligent and with that more space inside my Mind free because if I don't write it out sometimes it fills up too much space and I forget to do things! Lol this is the kind of thing I tell my husband when I "forget" where the iron is! Lol. So what kind of thing do you find interesting to read about?? I would love to know and I would love to hear your comments! I love making people laugh, I live for it, I love writing about daily things such as Ry, what I might have done that day, beauty tips and products and just about anything else that pops into my mind so just feel free to suggest anything because I wanna hear it!!

Hope this finds you all happy!

With a tiny bit of space free in my mind and gratitude there are no flies around...

Your Trishica

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

White rice experiment

Yoga to me is just as much about the body as it is about my spirit and emotional state of being. I love it! I love the way I feel so energized but relaxed afterwards, the feeling of really pushing my self and my body to the limit. I love the way I feel grounded and like I can accomplish anything. I could seriously do yoga everyday and truly miss it when it's not a constant in my life ;") The fact that I've been able to share yoga with my baby sister lately, well that's pure bonus!

Last night's teacher was amazing! She really knew how to push you but reminded you that your practice is whatever you wanted it to be, to only push yourself and your body as far as you can comfortably. She talked a lot about fear and pushing through it. Not to run away from it but to push through it and know that on the other side of that fear would be great satisfaction and happiness... Happiness that you did something you didn't think You could do.
Think about that, how many things hold us back because we're afraid? We really only have one life to live and were living on borrowed time so go out do things that make you happy and LIVE!!!

She also mentioned a white rice experiment, noting of you took rice, cooked it put the same amount into 3 jars, exactly the same, same cleanliness, same size, same everything. In Jar #1 you would label it with kind words such as love, gratitude, joy, happiness and you would talk to this jar everyday and say these nice things to it. Jar #2 you would write hateful words on it and say hateful things to it and jar #3 you would stick up the cabinet in darkness. As time went on jar 1 would be lively and eventually turn into Sake'. Jar 2 would be putrid, black and rotting and jar 3 would be even worse. If this is what happens to rice imagine what would happen to people if treated this way??

Remember every single day is a NEW day a wonderful beginning to be our better self, push through fear and be the person you were always meant to be! Make every day count! Live your truth and be honest with yourself.

Namaste my friends ;0)

Your Trishica

Sunday, January 22, 2012

49er fan

My hubby is the most wonderful, Amazing man! One of the things I love best about him is his loyalty. Ever since I can remember he's been a fan of the 49ers and of the kings. Every game no matter what he changes into his teams gear, if he doesn't already have it on. I always love that :0) He even has a Kings and 49er blanket. One thing he told me before we got married is "I watch every single 49er game and you have to be OK with that." lol. He really didn't have to worry, anything he loves that much I would never keep him away from anyway :0) His loyalty flows into everything he does and I appreciate it. I know that through the good, bad and the ugly he will defend what he believes in, will stand behind you like a rock and will always be there even when most others would have given up. I'm seriously excited for him today and hope the 49ers pull out a win. Its time for the "GOOD" for his team. Lets go!!!!

I'm also so excited for Rylan to grow up with Aaron as his daddy, to be around such an amazing man will surely influence him to be the same! Gentle yet Strong, Smart, funny, Hard working and Loyal to very end!

I love you Aaron! Can't wait for you to come home excited because your team won!!

Off and making yummy goodies for today's festivities

Iphone addiction

So I think I may need to go to a meeting or something! I love this phone! I found out on facebook his name is Alejandro Rodriguez Alee Alee jandro.... Like lady gaga sings. I didn't really understand it at first. Why do these people with their fancy phones think they can just do anything better and faster and more efficient! Ohhhhh go on with your bad self and see if I care you can play games, look up movies, Facebook, bank, and do everything with your little hand held device! I was like what's all the hype?? Then I got one! Now I literally freak out if I forget it, where's my phone??? Omg we have to turn around to get it. I dont care were almost where were going!!! I NEED it!! I mean I'm using it to type this as we speak!!! Lol. Sooo yeah I think this may be a problem! Anyway today I really did forget it and we were half way to where we were going and running late so no I didn't make Aaron turn around but I feel as though my line to the outside world was missing. Lol

Do they have meetings?? Lol

Ok seriously I'm not as bad as some people but I can see how this little device can come in and completely occupy your time, texting, calling, downloading apps, games for ry, ohhh i love the baby sign language app, words w friends, dice buddies, picture taking, ohhhh my how the list goes on and on!!! See I'm feeling a twinge of excitement as I think of all the things this thing can do! Lol

Although I do love this phone and realize they do come in handy I recognize there really could be an addiction! This realization came to me when the other day we were visiting my brother out of town and decided we wanted to stop for breakfast. Ok easy enough. Sooo Harrison gets on his phone w some find a restaurant near us app and I'm using the around me app and were locating all the restaurants in the nearest location to us, Aaron's driving and both Harrison and I are giving him lists of sooo many places and the distance in exact miles. Aaron's kinda getting confused as you can imagine with so many choices being thrown at him, I'm already pretty indecisive by nature and Harrison is indifferent. So we're now driving and basically just playing the what's coming up next game. I'm like ohhhh there's an Ihop coming up in .28 miles, still looking at my phone, as is Harrison. That's when I realize uhhh if we both just look up we would probably be able to find it, I mean actually see it with our own eyes, that's an idea???! I mean old fashioned but a heck of an idea!! Lol see the issue? Lol At that moment I felt sooo ridiculous!

I use that moment as a reminder to try not to get to caught up with all these fancy electronics and devices and really pay attention to what's around us. To be conscious of how much time I'm spending on these type of things and make sure I remember what's most important. To look up into the world and use my eyes and senses and not my "fancy" phone all the time!

I think it's a good reminder for us all. Although I do love you iPhone "Alejandro Rodriguez" I need to put a little distance between us sometimes. It's me... Not you! We're not breaking up, we're just taking it a little slower.

Hoping I'm not the only one that feels this way lol
Your Trishica

Friday, December 16, 2011

A helping hand may remind you

The other day while I was out shopping I had noticed this little old man walking to his car, he was taking really slow steps and seemed to be in pain or something. I was holding Ry, my purse, the diaper bag and pushing the stroller, was super tired and had a stomach ache myself. I thought about how no matter what I would want someone to stop and help my grandma or papa if they needed it so I strolled over to him, threw everything except for Ry in the stroller and asked him if he was ok. He had tears in his eyes and said all he wanted to do was buy sees candy for Christmas and told me it took everything he had to make it in there and out. He had fallen the other day and really hurt himself. I felt so bad for him!! I told him to stay put for just a minute, took all the stuff to my car and then Ry and I quickly returned to him. We helped him walk to his car and talked about life, he said he was so thankful that we were there, he mostly just felt lonely and we made his day by taking the time out to care for him. He enjoyed rylans smiles and felt happy after talking for a while! After I was sure he was ok we headed to our own car. It only took a small amount of our time but you could tell it was appreciated! It made my heart happy to bring a smile to this little old mans face, And Rylan seemed to think he was a pretty funny character too. This felt like a little gift, that we got to meet and chat with him. It was a gentle reminder to pay attention to my surrounding no matter how full my hands are, and be there for people when we can. I truly feel he helped me as much as may have helped him.

Once you have a baby or s child it sometimes feels as if your moving faster and some days your just making it through because of all the things on your list. This to me, served as a reminder to slow it all down. The laundry, dishes, shopping lists and all the other things will still be on my do to list tomorrow, but today I should make the most of every moment. Everyday should be about the small things in life, the things that truly make you happy. Trying not to rush through it, and remembering to really treasure each moment, and live the happiest life you can live. Because one day we will all be older with the shadows of our past looming behind us, and wishing we would've bathed in the beauty of what once was. So take your own happiness by the horns, push yourself to the fullest, be kind to strangers, share your smiles, love yourself and others, live with intention, trust with your gut, and fulfill all your dreams!

I am, my dream was to be a mommy. Every day I get to live this, and every day I'm thankful.


Happy Friday everyone!! Sorry I haven't written in this for a while.

Remember your lists will always be there! :0) work on them just enough to be productive but not so much that they are all thats present.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Birthday Love

Today happens to be a date shared between two woman I admire so much! Although they have never met, I am and will always be grateful they are in my life. Happy birthday to
Zarah and I at Kandee's Glaminar
Zarah Villarreal and Katy Smith. You ladies are so amazing! I have learned different things from both of you and feel like I am an overall better person because you are in my life. These woman are the type to put needs of others ahead of their own, smart beyond their years, gracious and kind. I'm completely grateful to have you both as my friend, and in different ways you are more like my sister... Z my glam sister, and Katy my twin and soul sister.
Katy and I in LA (pre babies) lol
I want to mirror the wonderful qualities you both own, Katy you are the most amazing mom, always give such great advise, somehow knowing my worries before I speak them aloud, so incredibly smart, full of so much love and you are so much fun too be around. I have loved every moment we have ever spent together and I'm looking forward to many more to come and looking forward to our little ones meeting and budding a friendship of their own one day :0)
Zarah I will be forever thankful to you that you included me in the glam sister/kandee baby shower celebration. I have met the best, most inspiring women from that weekend, one being you! I love the fact that you and Ivan give so much of yourselves to other people in need and do so in a manner that is completely honest and real, and in return all you want is to inspire others to do the same. Which I can tell you,for a fact you do, in fact because today is your birthday I am finally making a trip to the women's shelter to donate Ry's small clothes, unused formula and diapers. There's no day better then today to improve, give more, love more and that's what both of you ladies inspire people to do.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLS, I love you bunches!!
Your Trishica