Friday, March 18, 2011

Baby update

I decided to change doctors and just saw my new doctor today and she was just so wonderful. She is bubbly and full of information and even though I still waited an hour to see her she made it worth the wait! I'm so glad I went with my instincts to switch, the doctor I had before wasn't bad at all, I just felt our visits lacked something and I couldn't put my finger on it.

 So I was told we are right on track. Our Little man is about 4 pounds now and growing like crazy! I told her he moves non stop and she says well then you must be making him a good Home then :0) That made me smile and even though sometimes the movements he makes now are so big, they're uncomfortable, I still welcome them. I still can't believe we actually have a little miracle happening right now as I type. It is the best feeling in the world to know I will soon be a mommie and as everything grows closer Aaron and I are becoming more and more excited and grateful with every passing day!

We recently had our shower and felt so overwhelmed with the amount of love and gifts given to us for our sweet baby. When we got home we had the best time looking at everything again and I loved reading every card again and the sweet words people had to say. It was such a wonderful day. I wish we could have invited everyone we know, but we already invited around 60 people and the place we rented did have a maximum. lol. :0) This baby doesn't know it yet but he is being showered with so much love coming from everywhere. Its just awesome.

Then last weekend and over the last few days we were able to complete his baby room, and thats where I sit now, feeling inspired and happy and wanting to share this with you. It is soooo cute in here with decals of little safari animals playing sports, his beautiful furniture, the cutest smallest clothes hanging in the closet and adorable homemade blankets made with love from people we adore. It feels real now sitting in the rocker I will use to rock him and feed him. So excited! I feel like it's Christmas with the warm fuzzies you get. :0)

Sweet little room for a sweet little boy

Thanks for reading and sharing in our excitement.

more sweet baby things

Little hutch

Loads of baby love and warmth in our hearts
Mommie and Daddy Robertson to be

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Send positive energy out

I feel like all of a sudden there is so much negativity swirling around out there. A friend of mine has even been verbally attacked and even sent death wishes and all for no reason. I have such a hard time understanding where all the negativity comes from and the reason behind it. How could anyone put out so much hate??
Even in my own life, there has been unexpected drama, coming from a place that is even more unexpected. It is so much easier and more fulfilling to send love out into the world. I wish all the people that are so full of negativity and hate as much love as they can hold, they really need this to be sent to them. People that lash out and act poorly towards people need even more love then people that are happy. I truly believe that what you put out you receive back in return. You live life being real, being nice and always having the best in mind for everyone and you will soon realize that people generally share those same feelings back with you.

There are times when you are trying your best to be kind and helpful and still you get pulled into some negative trap. You have the very best intentions but are still being accused of the opposite.
This can be very frustrating and saddening to say the least.
We can't let any negativity pull us down!! We must keep striving for better and moving forward, let Go of all the feelings that hold you back from being the best person you can be! Let them float away and fill yourself up with love and light!
This is all you can do, unfortunately you have no way to change people, You are only in charge of You! You are in charge of how you feel & react.
If you live a positive happy life and project those feelings then you will receive these same feelings back. When you encounter someone that is in such a dark place and you can't reach them, you have to leave them to learn there own lesson and keep sending as much love their way that's possible but try your best not to allow their darkness to enter your heart! Life is not perfect and things can become misinterpreted at times, if this happens try to regain focus and try a different approach.
If it still results in a negative response you may be forced to move on in order to keep your focus where it should remain. When you really believe in something stick to your guns and always stay true to yourself.

I will always have your back and promise to be a shining light in your life.

My saddened and heavy heart already feels better if I know I was able to improve happiness in other peoples life's, and bring a smile to someones face

Letting go of it....


Friday, March 4, 2011

Fear and letting go

Fear is a funny thing. I think it keeps us motivated in some ways by pushing us through certain obstacles, but it can also hold you back. Sometimes we do things just to feel that fear, like sky diving or roller coasters. Its like an adrenaline rush and then the feeling you get once you accomplish something you were scared of feels very fulfilling. There are plenty of things I'm afraid of like I love to sing, I mean really love it and most people that I feel comfortable with tell me I'm really good. When it comes to singing in front of a big crowd or even a small one depending who the people are, I tend to freeze up. I have asked myself why is that so many times, or have left knowing I could have done better and really impressed but didn't because I let the fear within me win. It's a battle and I strive to push through it. I want to use fear to do better and not let it hold me back. I'm certainly not saying I'm going to start openly singing in front of large crowds tomorrow, I'm not sure I even want to. What I do want,  is to never hold back when it comes to things that really matter. It's going to be a long road because the reason we feel fear is sometimes deeper then you realize. Did someone hold you back, were they negative in your life and during impressionable times did they discourage you? I'm sure we have all had moments like this in various different times in our lives. Let these things that are not so good leave your heart, learn from all the mistakes you make, and dig deeper within to find the lesson. If you do this then nothing comes with regret because a lesson was learned and that's what we are here to do, learn, grow and give the most of ourselves to ourselves and the ones we love. Next time you will know better and do better and this comes with great reward. I'm here to tell you now that you are wonderful and the potential that you have within yourself is greater then any hurtful words someone may have spoken. It is a hard thing to do to turn away from negative people in your life but sometimes more then necessary. You're not giving up on them they are just in a different space then you and you deserve to feel happy and be around happy people. I've had to do this many times and now everywhere I turn I have nothing but positive energy swirling around me and people that really lift me up and help guide me and in return I hope to do the same for everyone that turns to me. This is a wonderful world full of possibility and anything you set your mind and heart on you can see come to life. I'm so excited I get to be a mom soon and will have the opportunity to really encourage Rylan to live life to the fullest, that everyday is a gift and that we are capable of doing anything as long as your heart and passion are in the right place. So let go of fear within yourself, instead be pushed by love and security. You can achieve anything if you believe you can! I believe you can! This little song is for you to know you are not alone, I will always be here for you and wish you nothing but the best...always.

play me:

I hope you all have a good weekend! I'm excited about mine, our baby shower is tomorrow! yay!!

Hoping to fill your hearts with happiness as you read all my blog entries,  :0)


I didn't have a picture looking fearful so I added this one where I'm smiling at you instead! :0)