Thursday, March 8, 2012

So many things swirling around my head

No not literally!! Lol not like a sworm of flies or anything just a want and need to write more frequently. So why don't I? You may be wondering well Im not sure people find what I write interesting. Now that's not me fishing for compliments or anything it's just a sincere feeling. I love writing though and so I will continue to Do so and in turn hope that this blog eventually becomes more popular and with popularity, I will become more diligent and with that more space inside my Mind free because if I don't write it out sometimes it fills up too much space and I forget to do things! Lol this is the kind of thing I tell my husband when I "forget" where the iron is! Lol. So what kind of thing do you find interesting to read about?? I would love to know and I would love to hear your comments! I love making people laugh, I live for it, I love writing about daily things such as Ry, what I might have done that day, beauty tips and products and just about anything else that pops into my mind so just feel free to suggest anything because I wanna hear it!!

Hope this finds you all happy!

With a tiny bit of space free in my mind and gratitude there are no flies around...

Your Trishica

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