Monday, January 24, 2011

Dreams 2011

I'm so excited as I enter into the final trimester of my pregnancy! I'm thankful for every kick and every little movement I feel. I'm even thankful when I feel nausea and other "pregnancy" type of symptoms. lol That sounds weird but I'm a firm believer in living in the moment and if that particular moment involves nausea, well then so be it! We are finally set on a name but aren't telling!! Only a select few know because we had way to many opinions coming our way and man oh man that was making a hard decision even harder! Aaron and I are getting excited to have the chance to teach a little person all the important things in life. I hope he loves easily, accepts people with an open heart, works hard for things he cares about, laughs often, and embraces this wonderful life with all the joy a little person can hold. We will be there to always support him, and guide him through this life so that he can be whatever he wants to be! yay!!! I'm going to be mommie and I swear after all these years I never thought it would be a possiblity, its funny too because when other people would share what there dreams were I would tell them to BELIEVE! Then I would constantly hold them in the light and think of them accomplishing whatever it was they set out to do. This dream for me is probably the biggest one I have ever had! Really!! Even when I was a little girl all I wanted to be is a mommie! I had 14 kids names picked out before I even started dating! lol Which thank goodness I never used because they were pretty silly now that I think about it! :0)  Many of you know Aaron and I have been married for 11 years this April and honestly have tried and tried to concieve! i've always felt thankful because he never made me feel bad and we were actually coming to terms with never being parents. He would say "I married you to be with you not to be a dad or parents" He really is that amazing! So just when we were losing hope a miracle happened. God or spirit or whatever you believe in stepped in and said Now what were you thinking??? Giving up so easily! :0) So here we are 26 weeks pregnant, happy as can be and about to welcome a son into this world with more love then our hearts can even hold! Thank you!!!!! Is all I can say! So Never give up hope and always Believe in yourself and your dreams! I believe in you and in miracles and know that dreams do come true everyday! <3

26 weeks pregnant