Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Making a better future

So I feel very compelled to write a little more on the topic of racism and judgement. In any form, whether it be color of our skin, sexual preference, color of our hair, or whatever else that may set us apart from one another!  I touched on it in a quick comment I posted on facebook on Martin Luther King Jr. day, but yesterday I watched an Oprah special that touched me deeply and I wanted to revisit this topic. It was so crazy to me that the “I have a Dream” speech was in 1963!! I couldn’t believe it, I’m sure I may have known this already but to just think that in 1963, less than  50 years ago we were a society that harbored so much dislike and hate for each other, seems unfathomable! The things that set us apart are what truly make us unique and beautiful. The inner shine should always be allowed to glow, but is unable if we as people are darkening it with mean words or actions. Then as the show continued you realize that there is still a lack of love for people to this day in some people’s hearts! One of the quotes from Martin Luther King Jr. is “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends” That really stayed with me I have always been one to stand up for people and to fight for what I believe. We can all do this!! It will fill you up with happiness and joy and content when you speak out on what you know is right. There’s way too many people being judged and bullied still to this day! I myself have been in a way bullied by some degree over the years, mainly the form came in the way of blonde jokes, but keep in mind some of these were completely inappropriate, claiming my stupidity and or claiming I was highly sexually active..ext ext. These mostly came at an age when I didn’t even understand what was being said. So even our “jokes” need to be carefully monitored.  I challenge you…Lets all shed a light into each other’s hearts and love each other without judgement or fear! Find what you can within yourself and always make a positive difference when given this wonderful opportunity. Just a smile, a hug, handshake or a kind word will go far. We should always make habit of walking in other peoples shoes, trying to understand where they are coming from and learning new perceptive on things. That’s how in turn we all grow and fully commit to being the best we can be. I once heard and agree that God Created a Human race, people created racism! We are all equal and deserve an equal amount of love. “Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that” MLK. I really feel very blessed that the people I have surrounding me carry this kind of love daily. My family has always taught me that this is the only way to be and there were no other options and for that I’m thankful. My friends are unique and each one simply beautiful in their own wonderful way. I truly am grateful for everyday that I get to spend with each of you.
So I hope this all finds you with a greater sense of Love in your heart! I have a lot to share. I want to encourage you to do this to the fullest with every breath because we never know what may be in store for us.

With happy thoughts of a better world for each of us….

Your Trishica

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  1. Beautiful Trish!! You never know how people are truly divided in some things. Know one knows untill it actually happens to them. Especially me, i stick out like a sore thumb, being an African American floral designer its very un-common. Lol, i always feel that my designs are judge by nationality not by my creativity...But the blessing is, is that GOD has blessed me with BEAUTIFUL friends and family all nationalitys, and i've always been blessed and greatful for all the feedback fron my work. I blessed to have people in my life that respects me as a person and are not quick to judge based on my skin color. The world today is filled with sooo much HATE, they confuse love as hate. I agree with you. If we take time out of our day to give thanks to the beautiful things in life that GOD has blessed us and be greatful for life, breath, family, things of value- NotMoney- we would all have a better life! Be greatful for what u have and always remember God is love!!