Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Note of thanks :0)

I feel so thankful as we are in the last few days of this pregnancy, well overdue actually. I never thought I would experience this and it has truly been so wonderful. I have loved every kick and movement I have felt within my belly. Even through the harder times, nausea and swelling, aches and pains I have loved being pregnant! All the emotions of knowing Aaron and I are going to be parents and sharing all the fun and sometimes not so fun details with everyone.
Aaron and I were driving home last night and with each mild contraction that rolled in we were struck with this overwhelming gratitude that We get to be parents too!! We never ever thought this would happen and now we are almost there. I can barely see to type through my tears of joy! Just thinking about raising a little person with someone I admire so much makes me feel happier than I ever thought possible! We are also very thankful for all the love and support that has been so easily poured on to us by each of of our friends and family. We love every single one of you and can't wait to share our little man with you. He is already so loved and will no doubt feel that love coming from every direction and that is just the most amazing thing we can give to him! :0)
Since I have been having contractions for over 24 hours now I really think we are finally in the home stretch and will be meeting our beautiful Rylan very soon. It would sure make the most magical mothers day for me, our moms and my grandma if he chooses that day! :0) We shall see.
Thank you to everyone for being there for us!
Thank you for all the prayers and positive energy your sending!
We appreciate every bit of it.

Now we are off and moving... We are going to walk a bunch and dance and get this baby moving in the right direction! We can't wait to meet him
Love you all
Trish and Aaron

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