Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our birthing story

We are overjoyed our little Rylan James is finally here! Man its a lot of work but totally worth it! I think it's even harder when your a breast feeding mom, and when you have a big baby boy who wants to eat non stop. I literally get like 15 min breaks in between feedings most days, except when he sleeps. In fact I have learned that I may be a Milk making machine. It will be helpful when the doctor lets us introduce other things like rice cereal to have fill this little guys belly, until then I'm doing my best to keep little man content! One things for sure he is one healthy boy!

So Friday, two days after my due date I started having contractions so Aaron and I went into the hospital. They weren't very strong yet but since they were 3-5 minutes apart and for about a minute long and lasted for 5 hours we thought we should be checked, when we got there, the lady in front of us checking in was clearly in more pain than me so I turned to Aaron and said ohhhh man double crap! 1 because I clearly wasn't there quite yet and 2 I'm going to be in a lot of pain really soon! We just didn't know how much at that point! So we were checked and monitored for a while. I was effaced to 60% but only dilated to 1, but contractions were consistent. They ended up sending us home. We went back again when they kept getting stronger, this time they gave me morphine so I could sleep and they could monitor me. I woke up only to be told nothing had progressed and they were sending us home! I was feeling totally discouraged and exhausted. The following day I didn't have much activity so Aaron and I got out and walked over a mile. The next day I had some pain but not enough consistency, Sunday night they came on strong, I was in labor for sure! The contractions were every 3 mins and the blinding, can't walk, talk only breath through them type. We made the long drive to the hospital and arrived only to get the same results. I couldn't believe they were sending us home and I was scared how much more pain I could handle. We went back 2 more times that day. It was so frustrating they wouldn't keep us, even the nurses were feeling so bad to continue to send us home when it was clear I was in pain, and in labor just not dilated. When we made it back to my moms house I was in so much pain the contractions were coming every 2 mins, I was trying to focus on breathing and trying to sustain as long as I could because I didn't want to go back to the hospital only to have them send me home. I could only take it for an hour before I told Aaron we had to go back, and this time my plan was to beg them to let me stay, when the nurse checked me I was having contractions every 40 secs, and effaced 90% but still only dilated to 2. She said most people would be about to give birth at this point and she felt so bad! She went and called the doctor and came back with the request that I walk around, I was like are you kidding. She said she already knew that wasn't going to be a possibility and told the doctor so. I could see it on her face that they were about to try to send us home again but then my water finally broke! A ticket to stay!! Thank god! I was so relieved they would finally keep us I burst into tears, and the nurse practically did too. I got emitted and got an epidural and was finally relieved of the pain I had for days! After 8 hours of labor the epidural started to wear off and the nurses were becoming concerned because I seemed to have stopped progressing again and was dilated to only 7 for hours, and baby's head was right there. They ended up rushing me in to do a c section. Finally at 5:58pm Rylan was here! weighing 9lbs, 10ozs and was 21 3/4in long! He was beautiful and Aaron and I were ecstatic. We are parents and it was worth ever bit of pain. I'm so glad to be at home now with My wonderful husband and sweet baby. We are slowly but surely adjusting and I know as time goes on things will become easier. We are trying not to forget everything we went through to get him here, and try to really cherish every moment even the poopy, crying not so easy moments!
Thanks for all being so supportive, were looking forward to when we can return into the world again, lol, but for now were at home trying to figure this parenting thing out.


  1. Congratulations again. Love You guys, and hope to see you again soon.

  2. Congratulations love...Just remember if you pump enough milk i will come and let you guys sleep as much as you need to!!!