Saturday, November 5, 2011

Birthday Love

Today happens to be a date shared between two woman I admire so much! Although they have never met, I am and will always be grateful they are in my life. Happy birthday to
Zarah and I at Kandee's Glaminar
Zarah Villarreal and Katy Smith. You ladies are so amazing! I have learned different things from both of you and feel like I am an overall better person because you are in my life. These woman are the type to put needs of others ahead of their own, smart beyond their years, gracious and kind. I'm completely grateful to have you both as my friend, and in different ways you are more like my sister... Z my glam sister, and Katy my twin and soul sister.
Katy and I in LA (pre babies) lol
I want to mirror the wonderful qualities you both own, Katy you are the most amazing mom, always give such great advise, somehow knowing my worries before I speak them aloud, so incredibly smart, full of so much love and you are so much fun too be around. I have loved every moment we have ever spent together and I'm looking forward to many more to come and looking forward to our little ones meeting and budding a friendship of their own one day :0)
Zarah I will be forever thankful to you that you included me in the glam sister/kandee baby shower celebration. I have met the best, most inspiring women from that weekend, one being you! I love the fact that you and Ivan give so much of yourselves to other people in need and do so in a manner that is completely honest and real, and in return all you want is to inspire others to do the same. Which I can tell you,for a fact you do, in fact because today is your birthday I am finally making a trip to the women's shelter to donate Ry's small clothes, unused formula and diapers. There's no day better then today to improve, give more, love more and that's what both of you ladies inspire people to do.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLS, I love you bunches!!
Your Trishica


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