Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

If you know me you know I love Halloween, it's funny though because I scare really really easily, making it odd I love this holiday so much! We normally throw a huge party with all the decorations and themed food you can imagine, but until we get back into a place that has a lot of space, that gathering will be on hold. Until then we will make the most of it, and enjoy watching little Rylan learn what Halloween's all about. So on to last nights adventure, I learned it is really hard to get 3 people in costume and out the door, I'm surprised we even looked at all like vampires. I was somehow able to put my makeup and lashes on with one hand and Aaron's on while my little guy kept kicking my arm. Which made Aaron's first experience with guy-liner a very scary ordeal lol All the while Rylan was crying/fussing because his top teeth are now making their way in. I was thinking who's idea was this anyway?? To have us all matching and out the door by 7 to go surprise our family. When Aaron doesn't even get off until 6 and we prob gotta throw dinner in there somewhere too... Oh that's right it was my idea! lol Even though it was a challenge we were able to get out the door by 7:30, and I managed to leave both of my poor hubby's eyes undamaged. Although I'm pretty sure he will raise the question next year is makeup Involved?  and may quickly decide on a costume that doesn't involve any makeup and especially eyeliner lol
He is such a good sport.

Here's a few pictures of last night costumes
hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween

First stop on our surprise trick or treat mission was my grandparents! Success!

Then on to Aaron's sweetie mama's :0) We really surrprised her since Aaron is a good trickster and had her on the phone all the way until we got there, saying nope we're just at home, and no we didn't dress up lol. He's good!! lol

Then to my mom's house. They were worried we were real trick or treaters because they had so many, they were pulling things from the cabinets like friut snacks and bagged chips lol

We are scary! lol

my little Family! yay I would say our first Halloween was a success! :0)

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  1. OH EMMM GEEE! I love the overwhelming about of cuteness that you guys have going on here, the friendly family of vamps. =) His little baby costume is adorable!