Tuesday, January 24, 2012

White rice experiment

Yoga to me is just as much about the body as it is about my spirit and emotional state of being. I love it! I love the way I feel so energized but relaxed afterwards, the feeling of really pushing my self and my body to the limit. I love the way I feel grounded and like I can accomplish anything. I could seriously do yoga everyday and truly miss it when it's not a constant in my life ;") The fact that I've been able to share yoga with my baby sister lately, well that's pure bonus!

Last night's teacher was amazing! She really knew how to push you but reminded you that your practice is whatever you wanted it to be, to only push yourself and your body as far as you can comfortably. She talked a lot about fear and pushing through it. Not to run away from it but to push through it and know that on the other side of that fear would be great satisfaction and happiness... Happiness that you did something you didn't think You could do.
Think about that, how many things hold us back because we're afraid? We really only have one life to live and were living on borrowed time so go out do things that make you happy and LIVE!!!

She also mentioned a white rice experiment, noting of you took rice, cooked it put the same amount into 3 jars, exactly the same, same cleanliness, same size, same everything. In Jar #1 you would label it with kind words such as love, gratitude, joy, happiness and you would talk to this jar everyday and say these nice things to it. Jar #2 you would write hateful words on it and say hateful things to it and jar #3 you would stick up the cabinet in darkness. As time went on jar 1 would be lively and eventually turn into Sake'. Jar 2 would be putrid, black and rotting and jar 3 would be even worse. If this is what happens to rice imagine what would happen to people if treated this way??

Remember every single day is a NEW day a wonderful beginning to be our better self, push through fear and be the person you were always meant to be! Make every day count! Live your truth and be honest with yourself.

Namaste my friends ;0)

Your Trishica

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