Friday, September 17, 2010


I swear I am seriously addicted to the TLC channel, I love it, and all the shows on it. Is it something I should be worried about? I can watch this channel for hours straight. lol I hope it will prove to be somewhat helpful in the future. Like maybe I will be able to say oh yeah I know how to pick the perfect wedding dress or create the most awesome cakes you ever did see, how to bring a baby home and what to expect if a baby's on the way so you don't end up in the hospital with cramps to only find out holy cow you're pregnant. I have never been a couch potatoe, but due to my recent doctors orders I am stuck here, feeling the most unproductive I have ever felt. I am a generally active person, actually thats putting it lightly! All my life I have been one of those people that constantly wants to do everything, to the point that I schedule two things with two different people at the same time! That truly was a problem!! I would have to call one and talk them into joining the other or reschedule which I hate to do. If I could I would be busy all the time. So now that I have to rest all day, stay home and do nothing it's kinda hard, going against every grain in my body but thats why I am thankful for these interesting shows lol

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