Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Furry little gifts

Animals are such a blessing. I really feel like they are little gifts straight from heaven. Over the years I been blessed with so many amazing pets, they will shower you with the most uncondtional love there ever was and in return I feel we should do the same for them. I can't stand to see an animal being mistreated, this is just unjustifiable! They depend on you for love, care and comfort. Just looking at my little Jewelsey Mae today made me feel like writing a little love note to all the furry babies out there. Big, small, dog, cat, horse, even the not so fuzzy lizards and such...whatever the animal is you choose to have as a pet. Treat them well everyday! It's the least we can do for them! Lets give them all a little more love and really make them feel like the special little gifts that they are! :0)

Me and Jewel just relaxing

Hope your day is a very good one and you have a smile on your face!

Hugs and love coming your way from
 a "fuzzy baby" mama and soon to be mama of 2 :0)


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