Thursday, February 24, 2011


I'm so lucky to spend everyday with my best friend, hubby and the love of my life. Every moment we have together is so special. We had the most relaxing time in Clearlake, Ca. Our plan was to go there and not do much of anything and we soon found out this was a very small town and our plans of "doing nothing" would be easy to accomplish. :0) We spent time golfing, enjoying the sun, feeding the ducks, visiting all the local restaurant's and watching movies. It was awesome just being together. We had the most romantic valentines day in the little tiny restaurant called Park Place. The food and atmosphere was awesome. When we drove past it during the day we both were completely unsure because on the outside its not much to look at! That's why you really shouldn't judge a book by its cover. It was a little hidden treasure and we really enjoyed ourselves. We talked about what it will be like to be parents and how things are going to change and we both feel so excited for what's to come. There is definitely not another single soul in this world who I am meant to be with and as soon as I think my love for this man can't grow it does by leaps and bounds!~ Sometimes it's with just a simple smile or something goofy he says or does. I could really go on and on with this so I will stop myself here. Take it from us a Babymoon is totally worth it! Go! Get a little get away in... before baby comes to really connect and take time out just for yourself. It was so much fun. If you already have a little one or little ones maybe let the grandparents babysit for the weekend and get away! It will be worth it to come back refreshed and ready to take on all the daily tasks. :0)
Have a happy day.

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  1. I remembered that you said you had written another blog, but didn't get to it until tonight. As with the others, I am going to repeat here alittle bit. Everytime I read your words from your heart, the love I have for you my sweet daughter just grows by leaps and bounds too. How could it be? it is the amazing power of love. I have been learning alot about that little word lately. It seems like such a small word, and it is tossed around so loosely at times, but that said, it means so much to those who really know what it means. What it feels like to have, to hold, to embrace, to experience, to live in, to let it enter your heart where the capacity it has to grow there is immeasureable. I never knew it could feel like this. The love I feel for my sweet Trishica is without limits. The love I feel for my son, her husband, is without limits, and the love I am experiencing right now for the new little life that is about to come into fruition soon, is absolutely body shivering heaven. I can't wait to be the grandmother of this little one. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be the proud parent of some awsome people, two of them being, Trishica Rose and Aaron. Thank you for being mine. Your Mother and more~
    always in my heart.