Friday, March 18, 2011

Baby update

I decided to change doctors and just saw my new doctor today and she was just so wonderful. She is bubbly and full of information and even though I still waited an hour to see her she made it worth the wait! I'm so glad I went with my instincts to switch, the doctor I had before wasn't bad at all, I just felt our visits lacked something and I couldn't put my finger on it.

 So I was told we are right on track. Our Little man is about 4 pounds now and growing like crazy! I told her he moves non stop and she says well then you must be making him a good Home then :0) That made me smile and even though sometimes the movements he makes now are so big, they're uncomfortable, I still welcome them. I still can't believe we actually have a little miracle happening right now as I type. It is the best feeling in the world to know I will soon be a mommie and as everything grows closer Aaron and I are becoming more and more excited and grateful with every passing day!

We recently had our shower and felt so overwhelmed with the amount of love and gifts given to us for our sweet baby. When we got home we had the best time looking at everything again and I loved reading every card again and the sweet words people had to say. It was such a wonderful day. I wish we could have invited everyone we know, but we already invited around 60 people and the place we rented did have a maximum. lol. :0) This baby doesn't know it yet but he is being showered with so much love coming from everywhere. Its just awesome.

Then last weekend and over the last few days we were able to complete his baby room, and thats where I sit now, feeling inspired and happy and wanting to share this with you. It is soooo cute in here with decals of little safari animals playing sports, his beautiful furniture, the cutest smallest clothes hanging in the closet and adorable homemade blankets made with love from people we adore. It feels real now sitting in the rocker I will use to rock him and feed him. So excited! I feel like it's Christmas with the warm fuzzies you get. :0)

Sweet little room for a sweet little boy

Thanks for reading and sharing in our excitement.

more sweet baby things

Little hutch

Loads of baby love and warmth in our hearts
Mommie and Daddy Robertson to be

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