Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Send positive energy out

I feel like all of a sudden there is so much negativity swirling around out there. A friend of mine has even been verbally attacked and even sent death wishes and all for no reason. I have such a hard time understanding where all the negativity comes from and the reason behind it. How could anyone put out so much hate??
Even in my own life, there has been unexpected drama, coming from a place that is even more unexpected. It is so much easier and more fulfilling to send love out into the world. I wish all the people that are so full of negativity and hate as much love as they can hold, they really need this to be sent to them. People that lash out and act poorly towards people need even more love then people that are happy. I truly believe that what you put out you receive back in return. You live life being real, being nice and always having the best in mind for everyone and you will soon realize that people generally share those same feelings back with you.

There are times when you are trying your best to be kind and helpful and still you get pulled into some negative trap. You have the very best intentions but are still being accused of the opposite.
This can be very frustrating and saddening to say the least.
We can't let any negativity pull us down!! We must keep striving for better and moving forward, let Go of all the feelings that hold you back from being the best person you can be! Let them float away and fill yourself up with love and light!
This is all you can do, unfortunately you have no way to change people, You are only in charge of You! You are in charge of how you feel & react.
If you live a positive happy life and project those feelings then you will receive these same feelings back. When you encounter someone that is in such a dark place and you can't reach them, you have to leave them to learn there own lesson and keep sending as much love their way that's possible but try your best not to allow their darkness to enter your heart! Life is not perfect and things can become misinterpreted at times, if this happens try to regain focus and try a different approach.
If it still results in a negative response you may be forced to move on in order to keep your focus where it should remain. When you really believe in something stick to your guns and always stay true to yourself.

I will always have your back and promise to be a shining light in your life.

My saddened and heavy heart already feels better if I know I was able to improve happiness in other peoples life's, and bring a smile to someones face

Letting go of it....


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