Friday, August 5, 2011

Beauty Favs!

These are just a few of my favorite beauty items! I hope you enjoy! This blog took me a while, since I'm holding little Rylan and typing with one hand. lol
Urban Decays 15 yr anniversary set. Gorgeous! I haven't actually used this, since I just got it today, but I know I will love it

Sebastian hair products! They smell amazing and work amazing. What more do we want for our hair?

Yes I fell victim to an infomercial one night when I was pregnant and up late. lol I'm glad I did though! I just love these products from
Meaningful Beauty, I mean who doesn't wanna look like Cindy Crawford. lol. Seriously though I love them, and they have the best customer service people Ever! You can customize your kit and have it sent as often as you wish! love it!

My whole fam, including the men and all have stretch marks so being I already have some just knew when I got pregnant I was doomed!! I used these as a combo defense the entire time I was pregnant and didn't get any stretch marks until the week I was due :0( being I was 2 weeks overdue I think I got too huge and no product would have saved me but I truly believe they would have been so much worse without these awesome products from mama mio. Tummy Rub and Oil

All Urban Decay products; front Urban Decay setting spray I love this stuff! if you need your makeup to stay in place all night or day lol use this, behind that the Naked palette, I use this palette nearly everyday It is so awesome and even has a perfect brow color for blonde's or redheads in it with the colors naked or buck. The rest are beautiful shimmers. Then the Vegan palette thanks Kandee...and finally the Alice in Wonderland palette which I'm not sure you can get anymore. Here's a link to Urban Decay :0)

I love this Victoria Secret airbrush fx PRO Primer,it is a silicone-based gel-cream  really feels like you are putting a layer of silk on your face. It also has SPF 20 in it, which you don't necessarily need if your foundation has it already but if not then there you go.
ohhh its so good and only $18.00. I've heard it's hard to get but I just purchased mine right from

Obviously I love this stuff and need to purchase another very soon. lol. This is YOU REBEL by Benefit, Its in Med, they have one in Fair also. I love this tinted moisturizer w SPF in it. It contains antioxidants, aloe Vera, and allantoin for soft, supple skin all year long. I use it everyday. It goes on so smooth and lightweight. I tend to have dry skin and this really works for me. Trust me I have tried so many too, but I don't like to feel my foundation, especially in the summer.

My favorite cheek enhancers! Top left: MAC iridescent Belightful (beautiful highlight color), Maybelline-WF098-mocha velvet I love this color as a contour, The pink and purple are both from Kryolan (super pigmented) the pink is Dry Rouge in Trockenrouge, the purple is actually eye shadow color in Matt Paradise. I know you might be thinking purple on cheeks but I love it if used lightly, we dont wanna look to 80s. lol Then Mud in color glow

Well everyone needs to tweeze, right! So I say why not tweeze with the cutest tweezers you can find? I think I found these at forever 21.

Not pictured is these amazing poducts from this gal I met at the street fair in Roseville,
my favorites are the healing Salve called Calendula salve and the sugar scrubs in pink sugar and lavendar orange! Hers her website although she has a ton more products then are shown there. Not only do all her products smell and work so well but she makes them by hand and was so sweet with the best postive attitude! :0)
If you wanna know more about what she may have her email is

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