Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Everyday angels

Sometimes just simple things we do for one another can really change our day. Just a smile or saying hello, asking someone how they are doing, giving a hug or a helping hand can make someone's day. Not to mention can totally bring joy to your own heart. Yesterday I went to visit a long time friend, who started out patient at the doctors office I used to work at. This patient (friend) is an 88 year old woman who everyone in the office used to dread. She started out ornery, loud and negative and was very hard to please. I was lucky enough to have her fall into my lap. I would sit with her and listen to her tell stories, at first she would tell me how everything was horrible, and she hated pretty much every thing in her life. It was easy to love her because I pretty much love every old person because I adore my grandparents soooo much (not that they are old) lol. I'm not name calling, promise. Anyway, I would take her hand in mine and tell her that I cared for her and the things that were going on in her life. it was only a matter of time before her stories started to change, she was coming in with a much better attitude and instead of complaining loudly in the lobby she would tell everyone how great everyone was and how awesome the office is. It was a wonderful change. We started to look forward to her visits instead of dread them, especially me, I loved feeling like I was truly making someone happy. I think to often in life we neglect our elderly and forget about them. These people are so special, deserve respect and attention. Many of which have been through incredible journeys, wars, loss of loved ones and much more life experience.
Rylan and I walked through the hallway to go surprise this dear friend and I felt an ache in my heart, I wondered how many visitors these people got and wondered about each of thier lives and what their stories were. I pray they do have many people to show them love and that they continue to be our everyday angels. Although we missed seeing my friend, we got to visit with many of the other little ladies. You could see the pure joy they got from Rylan and I, and all we did was just take a quick moment to say hello, wish them a happy day and share smiles. Of course it helps to have such a handsome baby to share with the world, but it was a simple way to share happiness. My heart felt full, it reminds me to stay humble, stay kind and to slow down a bit, make sure not to get to caught up in my own thoughts but to look up out into the world and find moments like these.
Then today when my mom and I were at lunch, this elderly couple was sitting behind us and because Rylan was being fussy I apologized to them. The man said "no need to apologize dear he's a gift from god and so are his cries, you have waited for him a long time, it's your time now and he is perfect!" I was totally taken back. Then he blew us a kiss and left the resturant. My mom and I were like wow, it's like he knew my story!! Such an amazing moment to share with a stranger. Thanks for reading this! I hope you are all having a happy day too

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  1. OMG!!! another amazing posting by my most talented daughter-in-law... my sweetheart of a daughter! you continue to knock me off my seat with the exquisite words that you put down on paper. My, am I the most grateful woman to have you in my/our life/lives. Trishica Rose, you are a blessing from above. May you continue to bloom and grow and enjoy your life. Thank you for being who you are. I love you so much. Words, sometimes just aren't enough. xoxoxoxo