Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ninja baby

What do you get when you are a ninja? That's right you get a ninja baby!!!
I am constantly grooming my sweet little man, some of the things I do he doesn't particularly like for example, he hates when I clean under his neck, but we gotta do it! Today while I was trying to get an eyelash off  his cheek he decided, he has had enough!!
He grabbed my hair with his toes in a ninja death grip and kinda held me in a head lock under his legs, which are soooo strong!! I'm like whoa! He thought it was hilarious, and started laughing! When I finally broke free I was like Holy Moly I better be more prepared, especially since his moves are becoming more advanced. They started out little pocks to the eye or jabs now they are full on combo moves. lol.

Good times!!

Does it mean I still won if I got the eyelash off?

Hears to all our little babies growing so strong and to all the ninjas of the world! :0)
Your Trishica

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