Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dreams of LA

Ok so I really wanna go to beauty social but I'm not sure I will be able to attend this year! :0( Ohh well! It's my baby brother Nicks 21st birthday on the 22nd and my sister Mariah's sweet 16 on the 23rd! I can't believe how time flys! I'm so excited that I get to be in charge of Mariah's sweet 16 day!! I have the best day planned for her! Yay!! I'm so excited! I still need to pick up a few things to make it perfect but it's going be great! Do you remember what you did for your sweet 16? I didn't have much of a celebration, I think I went to work or something lol.. I already had my own bills and apartment by then. I'm so glad Mariah isn't in such a hurry to be an adult we get such little time to be kids/ teenagers, there really isn't any reason to rush life! I hope when she looks back she remembers her 16th birthday as sweet :0) off and planning this important day!

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