Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How time sure does fly by

I can't believe it's already October! It makes it hard to get in the spirit of fall when you get all dressed in your cozy fall clothes then walk out into a heat wave lol. I'm looking forward to it cooling down. We have managed to keep seriously busy though! I'm excited to have a fancy phone now, so that on those busy days when we're out and about into the evening I still may be able to get to the blog! We are having tons of fun doing mommy and me yoga twice a week, Gymboree glasses, kindermusic classes and having lunch w grandmas and daddy. On the weekends we've been even busier going to pumpkin patches, and well just about saying yes to anything were invited to. Lol we may need to slow down a bit, it's a sign were doing too much when every time we sit down to watch tv we fall asleep, well Aaron does lol... I just want too! Lol oh well. We're living life and loving every moment! Ok well that was just a ramble post.. More interesting things to be written about soon

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