Sunday, January 22, 2012

49er fan

My hubby is the most wonderful, Amazing man! One of the things I love best about him is his loyalty. Ever since I can remember he's been a fan of the 49ers and of the kings. Every game no matter what he changes into his teams gear, if he doesn't already have it on. I always love that :0) He even has a Kings and 49er blanket. One thing he told me before we got married is "I watch every single 49er game and you have to be OK with that." lol. He really didn't have to worry, anything he loves that much I would never keep him away from anyway :0) His loyalty flows into everything he does and I appreciate it. I know that through the good, bad and the ugly he will defend what he believes in, will stand behind you like a rock and will always be there even when most others would have given up. I'm seriously excited for him today and hope the 49ers pull out a win. Its time for the "GOOD" for his team. Lets go!!!!

I'm also so excited for Rylan to grow up with Aaron as his daddy, to be around such an amazing man will surely influence him to be the same! Gentle yet Strong, Smart, funny, Hard working and Loyal to very end!

I love you Aaron! Can't wait for you to come home excited because your team won!!

Off and making yummy goodies for today's festivities

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