Sunday, January 22, 2012

Iphone addiction

So I think I may need to go to a meeting or something! I love this phone! I found out on facebook his name is Alejandro Rodriguez Alee Alee jandro.... Like lady gaga sings. I didn't really understand it at first. Why do these people with their fancy phones think they can just do anything better and faster and more efficient! Ohhhhh go on with your bad self and see if I care you can play games, look up movies, Facebook, bank, and do everything with your little hand held device! I was like what's all the hype?? Then I got one! Now I literally freak out if I forget it, where's my phone??? Omg we have to turn around to get it. I dont care were almost where were going!!! I NEED it!! I mean I'm using it to type this as we speak!!! Lol. Sooo yeah I think this may be a problem! Anyway today I really did forget it and we were half way to where we were going and running late so no I didn't make Aaron turn around but I feel as though my line to the outside world was missing. Lol

Do they have meetings?? Lol

Ok seriously I'm not as bad as some people but I can see how this little device can come in and completely occupy your time, texting, calling, downloading apps, games for ry, ohhh i love the baby sign language app, words w friends, dice buddies, picture taking, ohhhh my how the list goes on and on!!! See I'm feeling a twinge of excitement as I think of all the things this thing can do! Lol

Although I do love this phone and realize they do come in handy I recognize there really could be an addiction! This realization came to me when the other day we were visiting my brother out of town and decided we wanted to stop for breakfast. Ok easy enough. Sooo Harrison gets on his phone w some find a restaurant near us app and I'm using the around me app and were locating all the restaurants in the nearest location to us, Aaron's driving and both Harrison and I are giving him lists of sooo many places and the distance in exact miles. Aaron's kinda getting confused as you can imagine with so many choices being thrown at him, I'm already pretty indecisive by nature and Harrison is indifferent. So we're now driving and basically just playing the what's coming up next game. I'm like ohhhh there's an Ihop coming up in .28 miles, still looking at my phone, as is Harrison. That's when I realize uhhh if we both just look up we would probably be able to find it, I mean actually see it with our own eyes, that's an idea???! I mean old fashioned but a heck of an idea!! Lol see the issue? Lol At that moment I felt sooo ridiculous!

I use that moment as a reminder to try not to get to caught up with all these fancy electronics and devices and really pay attention to what's around us. To be conscious of how much time I'm spending on these type of things and make sure I remember what's most important. To look up into the world and use my eyes and senses and not my "fancy" phone all the time!

I think it's a good reminder for us all. Although I do love you iPhone "Alejandro Rodriguez" I need to put a little distance between us sometimes. It's me... Not you! We're not breaking up, we're just taking it a little slower.

Hoping I'm not the only one that feels this way lol
Your Trishica

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